Monday, 15 November 2010

Honesty or Lunaria

LUNARIA / Honesty


Lisa RedWillow said...

A Stunning beauty. . Love it.

lisa said...

This is just beautiful! So nicely done.

Anki said...

Fine picture

Kebeni said...

very creative photo, love it!

Charlene: the Polarblogger said...

Truly beautiful!

jo©o said...

Thanks girls.
I don't know about beautiful, but what surprised me is that my lens ( a 35mm Prime) took this in very dim light. No flash. Dense fog outside behind it and no artificial light inside the room. Window unwashed as per usual :-)
ISO barely raised from the minimum 200 to 320. It amazed me to see how much light that lens lets in.

ormbunke said...

Underbar tavla.

Dave said...

nicely done, a fav shot!

Dave said...

on the droplet shot:

Nikon D80
Tamron macro lens
ISO 100
shutter 1/180
f/ 11.0
-0.5 EV
red and blue card for the background
off camera flash, flash parallel to droplet pointed to background.

Dave here

Misswhatsit said...

A cool and beautiful photo!

jo©o said...

Thanx for the Exif.
You forgot to mention:
gallons of patience :-)