Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Crumpled beech leaves


jo©o said...

This brown brute of a leaf couldn't be more of a contrast to the ethereal
Euphorbia milii in the previous post.
Life isn't all sweetness and light :-)
BTW, I need help lightening the dark dip in the middle of the leaf. Any suggestions?

namaki said...

This is very nice. For the dark dip, may be you could play with the "levels" ?

lisa said...

This is just beautiful.
I'm no expert in Photoshop, but if you shot in RAW, maybe try playing with fill light in Adobe RAW (?)
I honestly did not notice it until you mentioned it. What I do notice is the almost luminescence of those beautiful leaves. Wonderful.
Nicely done!

RedWillow said...

Nice textures and image.

Kebeni said...

love it! the detail and the way it is floating

Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

I like this - it is so stylish

Hope said...

lovely leaf.. like the way you kept its crispiness..

Sandra said...

I am a big fan of dead leaves and bushes and trees, this one is specail because of the curves in it. great shot

Dave said...

i love the texture here,

you can fill light in RAW,

in PS. you can play with the following depending on what you what to achieved.

1. Dodge the shadow
2. Adjust shadow/highlights in Adjustment tool.
3. if only the middle part you want to adjust, you can do a selective adjustment, select the part and adjust the brightness, exposure or shadow.

there are endless ways to do this in PS.

jo©o said...

Thanks for the various suggestions.

I often play with RGB levels, and take them down just a snitch in a lassoed area.It seems to wash the data out. Tried the adjustment tool, but the edges of the dark bit get too sharp. It's an art :-)
I don't shoot RAW. Maybe A- D-lightening, inside the camera, as default on low would be the answer. Use Nikon's brain rather than my own. Don't know yet.
That can wash out details all over when you are not in bright light.
I used a diffuser, but still got that lumpy shadow in the middle.
We live and learn hopefully:-)

Hope said...

another thing you may want to try is ..
reduce your gamma and your contrast..
first reduce your gamma down to 82%
when you do this at first it will look to dark.. but
then reduce your contrast .. be careful though if you reduce it to much you will get a washed out photo.I would only reduce the contrast at first to perhaps 5 to 10%..
after that increase your saturation.
play around.. you will find what works for each photo..

Birgitta said...

Beautiful shot! Like it!